The Financial Operating System for Couples and Modern Families

We help couples and families change the way they work, earn, and learn to reach new levels of success.

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The Financial OS for the Modern Family

We believe that a modern financial operating system for couples and families can enable them to change the way they work together, earn, and learn to reach new levels of success.

Claudine T.

My daughter will have her very own wallet address and her very first every bit of ETH that she earned from Learn2Earn herself. We are so thrilled to be part of this journey and love what you are doing in this space!


This is epic and a must for all families. Digital assets aren't going away. Best to start learning how to teach our family about what's coming in the future.


The @bluestudios_io team is a visionary in the family space. 👏👏👏 Listen in and be part of the amazing things they are doing. Trailblazing the path for families.

Kilroy Dillon

Just keeps getting better and better. #Blueniverse #BelieveInBella

Crypto Goods

Love this community more and more everyday.

Chris O.

So fun, thank you so much. Really dig the approach you're taking with this and am happy to support it. Fun to be along for the journey.

Our Products

Our family operating system is intended to help families reimagine what they can achieve together—and have a lot of fun along the way.

Wallio Family Wallet

Wallio, powered by Blue Studios, empowers your family to take control of their financial future.

22,000 couples and families have signed up for our wallet waitlist.

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Wallio Family DAO

Turn your Wallio wallet into a DAO. We’re revolutionizing how families and capital work together to reimagine what families can do together.

3,300 families have signed up for our DAO waitlist.

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Wallio Family DAO

Family Streaming

Blue Studios EDU is our streaming platform for families, broadcasting globally.

You can learn, earn, and play without limits.

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Blue Studios EDU family streaming

The Adventures of Bella the Blue Bot

Blue Studios NFT Project 1 is a Genesis 3D collection of 3,150 programmatically generative Bellas with over a hundred different elements. Each character is stored as ERC721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Our project has 3,150 tokens sold, with 1,500 owners. This project has produced 4 mini-games with over 200,000 game plays. Learn about the animated series here.

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Bella the Blue Bot

The Blue Variants

COMING SOON. The Blue Variants is a series inspired by our community for fans of science fiction, Marvel, and Star Trek. Join the Blue Variants as they explore in adventures of time, space and dimension.

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Blue Variants

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