Harry Potter meets Star Trek for Generation Alpha

The Adventures of Bella the Blue Bot is an animated musical story of Bella, a precocious Blue Bot, who cracks the code to fly and explores a new galaxy of opportunities.

Bella Background ImageBella Front Image

The Story of Bella

Having grown up learning how the Blue Bots arrived in the Blueniverse, Bella spends most of her time experimenting on how to build the ultimate propulsion device to learn how to fly.

Flying in the Blueniverse has been strictly prohibited as the government has cracked down to prevent Blue Bots from leaving to keep everyone safe from humans. But Bella is a stubborn, young prodigy, and dreamer who figures it out, is caught, and invited to a secret society school to learn all the secrets of the Blueniverse and how to explore the galaxy.

Bella eventually learns how to travel warp-speed and blasts off to the stars to meet her eventual friends in a new galaxy, Mello and Rose.

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