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The Bella Proof of Learning Experiences Protocol (POLEP) by Blue Studios is the world’s first minting celebration of learning experiences IRL and online.

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Each POLEP documents the on-chain memory of learning experiences from a community of learners. By minting these experiences on the blockchain, we can build learning experiences that unlock tokenized experiences connected to the protocol.

Check out our Whitepaper on how it works.


Learn, earn, and create

What is a POLEP? 🤔

POLEP is a new way of documenting learning experiences. Each time you participate in an official POLEP experience, collectors get an NFT and crypto record. Our goal is to make the POLEP open-sourced and community-owned, starting with our Blue Studios Labs community.

Who should use it? 💻

POLEP allows educators, learning communities IRL and online, and organizations to provide extraordinary experiences in rewarding your community with a POLEP activation.

Why use POLEP? 😃

POLEP is an educational blockchain project that seeks to reward participants with new experiences, on-chain credentials, and a new community of learners. As the project grows, the community can unlock new experiences and connect with others.

How does it work? ⚙️

You can mint your project from our Learn2Earn challenge as an NFT. Watch a Blue Studios streaming class, create your project inspiration, and go to polep.bluestudios.io to mint your NFT.

How much does it cost? 🧐

We use Polygon to keep the gas fees low. In the near future, event organizers, educators, and community organizations will be able to provide digital POLEP badges for their participants.

Why is this important? 🙌

“The whole process is used to validate blocks of transactions in a blockchain...POLEP establishes a symbiotic relationship between two complex and unrelated tasks: 1) validate transactions in a distributed ledger, and 2) store machine learning models in a distributed database.” - Kilroy Dillon

How can I contact you and get involved? 🤙

Our goal with the Bella POLEP is to be open-sourced and community-owned. If you’re interested in contributing, integrating, or participating with us, please jump into our Discord and follow us on social. Buy a Bella, and jump right in with us!

Check out the POLEP Whitepaper! ✌️

Read more about how it works and how to get started here.