• The Best STEM Instructors for Your Kids

    At Blue Studios, we make sure that there’s something for every child to explore.

    Children can experience the full range of STEM—from botany, to microbiology, to aerospace engineering, you name it.

    That's why we recruit the best instructors to engage your child in a variety of hand-on STEM experiences.


    Laboratory Technician, B.S. in Biochemistry from Buffalo State College

    Bethany is a Laboratory Technician at the New York Allergy and Sinus Centers. She has a Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry from Buffalo State College.


    Freshman Computer Science Major at NYU Tandon School of Engineering

    Burlyn is from Brooklyn, NY. She is a freshman at NYU Tandon School of Engineering majoring in Computer Science. Her favorite hobbies are running, working out, coding, hangout with my dogs, competing at hackathons, and exploring the city.


    Ecologist with a BS in Environmental Biology from SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry

    Christopher is a recent graduate from SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Biology. His curiosity in the sciences has driven him to learn as much as he can about the natural history of the world and has gotten him to visit very remote, yet beautiful places in the Americas. He spent two months in the jungles of Costa Rica where he learned about its ecosystems and conducted a research study to further his knowledge about the effects of climate change in the region. He continued on his work in the pacific northwest where he was part of the butterfly project, monitoring the butterfly populations and plant diversity in the North Cascades National Park, WA. Now being back in New York City, he realized that the majority of the people around him did not have a good understanding of nature and the huge impacts humans are having on this Earth. He decided to help bring a change to that and spread as much knowledge as he can about the natural world to those around him, and why not start with those who will represent the future. he is excited to enlighten the youth about the wonderful life this planet inhabits and bring out the naturalist in them.


    Studio Art Technician, Bachelors Degree Graphic Design & Fine Art from Rutgers University-Newark​

    Francisco is Freelance Graphic Designer and currently work at Rutgers University as Part-Time Studio Art Technician. He received his double major in Fine Arts and Graphic Design at Rutgers University-Newark. He has participated in setting up the grand opening at Express Newark, assisted layout design for project Clime in its earlier developments, and work in Form Design Studios for 3D-Print Lab. His personal philosophy is “knowledge should be free for students that seek it.” Begin the first generation in his family to obtain his BFA has helped him discover his need to help give back to the community through volunteering for Grace Hospice for the past two years to assisting students in the graphic design program.


    Masters’ Degree in Education with Certifications in Biology and Physics from Hofstra University

    B.S. in Biology with a Minor in Physics from State University College at Buffalo

    Gary’s background focuses on physics and biology education, with his passion for STEM education. He obtained his bachelor’s degree at SUNY Buffalo with a major in biology and minor in physics. Gary then went to graduate school at Hofstra University for biology and physics education. Currently, Gary works in public education creating and implementing programs for students at NYC’s parks and schools. These programs include nature walks, building wind turbines and rocketry competitions.


    Software Engineer at Twitter (starting in January 2019)

    B.A. in Computer Science from Hunter College

    Glyne is a native of Brooklyn and an incoming Full-stack Software Engineer on the Onboarding team at Twitter. He has worked professionally in several fields of software development, including Front-end development, Back-End Development, and Quality Assurance. Glyne graduated from Hunter College with a B.A. in Computer Science.


    He was first introduced to programming during high school in Brooklyn Tech's computer science major. These classes opened his mind to an overwhelming realization of ideas that can be made possible through programming and the web. Throughout his education, he has participated in several communities and tech initiatives such as Code 2040 and CUNY Tech Prep. In 2017, Glyne received a feature in the New York Daily News for his participation in these programs and resulting accomplishments. In the future, he hopes that he will have a positive impact on ushering in the next generation of STEM workers through mentorship and fighting to open more opportunities for diverse hiring.


    Sophomore Computer Science Major at Saint Peter's Univeristy

    Isabella grew up in Englewood, New Jersey and graduated from the Finance Academy at Academies @ Englewood. In high school, Isabella found her interest in Computer Science by attending the United States Naval Academy Summer STEM Program and the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program at Goldman Sachs. After attending these programs, Isabella started competing and winning at hackathons, including JP Morgan’s Code for Good, which she recently won this year. Isabella spent her following summers as a Teaching Assistant for Girls Who Code at Goldman Sachs, interning at Morgan Stanley, and teaching coding classes to students of all ages in her hometown. Isabella is currently a sophomore at Saint Peter’s University, majoring in Computer Science. Throughout her freshman year, Isabella got accepted into and attended many exploratory programs at companies, including Goldman Sachs Women’s Leadership Program, Morgan Stanley’s Technology Early Insights Program, Twitter’s #EarlyBird Program, and Bank of America’s Inspire Women Who Tech Program. Isabella was an Information Services Management intern at UPS this past summer and will be interning at Goldman Sachs in the Internal Audit Division next summer. In her free time, Isabella likes to paint and play video games.


    Architectural Designer, M.S. in Architecture from Pratt Institute and a Master of Architecture from Southern California School of Architecture

    Jessica has spent plenty of time traveling while studying. She has acquired a BA in comparative literature and two Masters in Architecture. Her free time is spent taking care of her adorable dog, trying to get better at yoga, and weekend road trips. On these road trips (and on a daily basis) she enjoys finding new Vegan Ice Creams and good gyros!!!!!


    Senior at Pace University Majoring in Computer Information Systems

    Kendra is a Freelance Web Designer and Digital Artist from Brooklyn. She is currently a senior at Pace University majoring in Computer Information Systems. Over the past year, Kendra has interned as a web designer for Grace Global Capital, a strategic advisory firm and Filipacchi, an action sports vehicle store. During the beginning of her college years, she received the opportunity to teach STEM as a mentor sponsored by the New York Academy of Science. This generated her passion for teaching which she is more than excited to share.


    B.S. in Computer Science from City University of New York - Brooklyn College

    Klanti was born in Bangladesh. While growing up, she was heavily influenced by her mother and aunts, as most of them had a STEM background and was also involved in teaching. Her biggest inspiration was her mother's elder sister, who was the departmental chair of Physics at Dhaka University, one of the most reputed universities in Bangladesh. So clearly she saw herself following their footsteps from a very early age. Klanti worked as an assistant high school science teacher for math and physics before starting college here in the US.


    She received her Bachelor's degree in Computer science from Brooklyn College CUNY in 2017 and will be going back for Masters in Information Systems from 2019. Prior to graduation, she was able to acquire a Database administrator job at the Scholarship Department of her school. She has also been involved with a volunteer program called ScriptEd, that helps to teach high school students the fundamentals of web development.


    B.S. in Chemistry from Colorado State University

    Noah received a bachelors of science, in chemistry, from Colorado State University. While there, he spent much of his “free time” volunteering as the president of the chemistry club there. They had weekly meetings, held fundraisers, played games, but most importantly they did community outreach. Their goal, in doing outreach, was to bring fun chemical education to people in the community. At their schools, dorms, wherever they might be. Noah is therefore excited to continue this legacy of STEM instruction, one that emphasizes curiosity and fun before memorization with Blue Studios. He looks forward to meeting you!


    Electrical Engineer, Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering SUNY New Paltz

    Tomer is an electrical engineer who has had a passion for STEM since he was a child. He received his bachelors in electrical engineering from SUNY New Paltz in 2015 and has worked in the field since. During his time at SUNY New Paltz, he has worked as a statistics tutor for the school and as a research assistant for Dr. Reena Dahle, who was conducting research in electromagnetic theory. Post graduation, he became an engineer for Carisma Large Format Printing in Brooklyn, NY, where he operated the Massivit 3D printer, one of the largest 3D printers in the world to create complex structures for advertising purposes. Tomer joined Blue Studios to help the next generation see that STEM professions can be fun, exciting and imaginative.


    Techie with an Associate Degree, Computer Science from B.M.C.C

    Tristan Thomas is a Brooklyn born techie. His first introduction to tech was taking apart a Batman radio at 3 years old and he has loved technology ever since. One teacher changed his life and enabled him to become a STEM professional, Mr. Kublal. Today, he is a professional computer programmer pursuing his B.S in computer science. Tristan joined STEM education to give back to youth the opportunities he never received as a child, in hope that they will find out their passions at an early age! Over the years he had come across many STEM passions such as web development, mobile applications, audio engineering and robotics that he absolutely loves to share ideas about. His other passion is passing on knowledge because with knowledge comes freedom and power!


    Software Developer, B.S. in Information Science from Fordham University

    Tionna is a Software Developer based in the heart of New York City. As a child, she always had a passion for computers which stemmed from her uncle and the work that he did but never really thought she could pursue it one day as a career. While in college, she fell in love again with her favorite subjects: Math and Science which led up to her decision to study Information Science at Fordham University.


    After college, she recently graduated from a highly competitive Google-funded software engineering program whose graduates have been hired as engineers at leading tech companies like Blue Apron, Microsoft, Capital One, Pinterest, Spotify and more. This has only motivated her in wanting to teach at well-known organizations around the world like Girls Who Code, Black Girls Code, My Social Canvas, etc because it was her way of giving back to the younger individuals in her community and helping to create a change not only in her life but in the lives of others. Recently, she created and now leads a podcast series that highlights amazing women who are currently making their mark in tech today. Giving young girls and women new positive role models to look up to!


    Software Engineer at Walt Disney Company, B.S. in Computer Science from Pace University

    Zakiya began to take an interest in Computer Science during her junior year of high school. Multiple online platforms including MySpace inspired her to create websites and sparked her interest in software engineering. As a high school senior she decided to major in Computer Science at the Seidenberg School at Pace University to promote her interest in technology. At Pace University, Zakiya engaged in multiple community programs and organizations such as Black Girls Code, Tech Kids Unlimited, and New York Academy of Science, where she taught children how to code. By Sophomore year, Zakiya went on to become Vice-President of Pace Computing Society. As Vice President, she assisted in leading coding workshops and hosting speakers from companies such as IBM, WeWork, Buzzfeed. Furthermore, as a student, Zakiya garnered industry experience as a Software Engineering intern at Bank of America and Harris Corporation. Zakiya Sims is a recent graduate of Pace University and is currently a Software Engineer at the Walt Disney Company. In the future, Zakiya aspires to further her experience in Software and Web development and own her own technology company.

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