Blue Studios Partners with Animeta for the Adventures of Bella the Blue Bot Franchise

Blue Studios Partners with Animeta for the Adventures of Bella the Blue Bot Franchise

The Adventures of Bella the Blue Bot

Blue Studios has partnered with Animeta to create a 52-episodic series as the first chapter of the Bella the Blue Bot franchise. The Blockchain Adventures of Bella the Blue Bot started out as an NFT project and community for families to onboard into Web3 with educational resources, entertainment, and a universe culminating into an animated series.

The Adventures of Bella the Blue Bot is an animated musical story of Bella, a precocious Blue Bot, who cracks the code to fly and explores a new galaxy of opportunities. It is a science-fiction, fantasy, coming-of-age, musical series. It's Harry Potter meets Star Trek for Generation Alpha. 

Authored by Emile and Kelley Cambry, the sneak peek of the animated series has garnered over 3.3 million views on TikTok with photorealistic animation under the art direction of the animation studio, Animeta. Phase 1 of the NFT collection consists of 3,150 tokens and each token holder gets a lifetime subscription to the Blue Studios EDU streaming platform.

Recently, Blue Studios and Animeta have entered into a partnership with an undisclosed investor to launch the ever-expanding generative franchise.

“We’ve been planning Bella the Blue Bot for over two years and we’re thrilled to begin to make this dream a reality. Bella represents everything we’re about with Blue Studios: family and entertainment. We’re proud to work with Animeta, who we’ve worked with for over three years to create amazing experiences through animation for kids and families around the world!” said Kelley Cambry.

Blue Studios is actively building their digital assets wallet, Wallio, for families, and there will be several integrations with the animated series, especially for Bella holders. Blue Studios is planning many more extensions for the Bella the Blue Bot universe including games, collectible items, and digital/physical experiences. Their Multiverse Protocol, in development, is a decentralized blockchain-based franchise model for fan-fiction media. This protocol is an opportunity for IP producers to create a franchise and community around content, starting with the adventures of Bella the Blue Bot. More information is coming soon.

About Blue Studios

Blue Studios, founded by Kelley Cambry, is based on the fundamental belief that families have the power to change the world, and it’s our job to provide families with tools and software to reimagine what families can do together. Web3 is a new frontier and we create more opportunities for families to come together to plan, invest, learn, and play. Blue Studios is genuinely from our family to yours.