• It's a Celebration!

    A birthday is much more than an occasion to receive gifts.

    At Blue Studios, we work with families to create a unique and unforgettable STEM birthday experience.

  • How it Works

    Blue Studios is the perfect place to host a birthday party or special event for your future innovator. From aerospace engineering to augmented reality, paleontology and more—your child will have a memorable one of a kind experience at our studio.

    Cost: $650

    This includes:

    • 2-hour birthday party
    • Up to 25-30 children 
    • One (1) 60 minute STEM challenge (please see options below) with supplies and a completed STEM project for each child to take home 
    • Two (2) STEM instructors and two (2) support staff 
    • Cups, plates, napkins, utensils 
    • All attendees receive a voucher for a FREE Blue Studios STEM class 

    This does not include:

    • Food and beverages: We are a nut free and alcohol-free facility. All outside food or decor must be approved by the Blue Studios team. 
    • Balloons and decoration: If you intend to bring a lot of additional items, please be sure you arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled start time and with someone to help you set up the decorations. Our staff will do their best to help you set up, however, they will also be setting up the STEM activity portion of the party and getting the space ready. Just something to note!

    Other things you need to know:

    • Adults attendees are no additional cost. Parents and adult friends/family are strongly encouraged to attend (and participate!). We typically plan for 1.5 adults for every child attending.
    • We prepare the maximum number of kits and have the necessary staff for the party based solely on the size of the children in attendance. 
    • We understand things happen at the last minute. If more children attend the party than you indicated, we charge an additional $50 per child in addition to the base price.
    • Reservations are accepted no later than 30 days in advance.
    • For parties of 30 children or more, please contact us at events@bluestudios.io.
  • Choose Your Adventure

    Our STEM challenges will

    Digging for Dinosaurs


    Ages: 4-7

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    Tough Triangles

    (Structural Engineering)

    Ages: 4-10

    Children merge mathematical and engineering principles as they build working models of bridges using paper triangles. They test the bridges’ strength and use the results to strengthen and improve their designs. This module also underscores the critical role of iteration in the engineering design process and using failure as a learning opportunity in engineering and in life.

    Itsy Bitsy Science


    Ages: 4-10

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    Building a City that Works

    (Civil Engineering)

    Ages: 4-13

    In this module, students plan and build a model of a new section of Puzzleland that best meets the needs of the residents but without exceeding the development budget. After creating blueprints, children work as a team to build a model of the new section using a wide assortment of paper products.

    Take Flight

    (Aerospace Engineering)

    Ages: 6-10

    This module takes little learners to new heights. They delve into one of the most amazing feats of engineering—controlled and sustained travel through the air. Students explore the four forces of flight through fun, hands-on demonstrations, construct airplanes from colorful templates that feature different types of designs and then work in teams to test and record flight data and compare results.

    Reality Tech

    (Coding + Mobile + Augmented Reality)

    Ages: 8-14

    Did you or your kids fall in love with Pokemon Go? Your students can bring images and media to life in a similar way as they learn the basics of Augmented Reality. By the end of the module, you and your kids will be able to take a camera on a mobile device and create an augmented reality scene.

  • About Our Space

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