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Our Story

Blue Studios, founded by Kelley Cambry, is based on the fundamental belief that families have the power to change the world, and it’s our job to provide families with tools and software to reimagine what families can do together.

Kelley Cambry is a third-generation entrepreneur—on both sides of her family—who has been in the fintech and computer science industry for over 10 years. She spent time at Discover Card, in Consumer Card Acquisition, and as an Assistant Vice President of Digital and Product Manager for companies like American Express and JPMorgan.

Kelley's background is in building products that make people's lives better by making it easier to manage their couple and family finances.

Our team consists of engineers, filmmakers, animators, computer scientists, artists, and designers who have licensed and sold films to HBO and have worked for companies like JPMorgan and Bloomberg. 

Our mission is to make it easier for couples and families to manage from one dashboard, one app. And we believe the home run is to leverage generative AI to help people fix their finances, pioneering “self-driving money,” while creating connected experiences to help families spend more quality time together.