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    I would like to speak with someone about a customer service concern. How do I reach you?

    If you have questions, please contact us at (312) 535-8860 or at questions@bluestudios.io.

    I don't see prices on the classes. How much do classes cost?

    We don't charge for individual drop-off classes. Once you join as a member, you pay a monthly membership rate that allows your child a certain amount of drop-off classes that you can sign up for each month. Member families of Blue Studios schedule their children for drop-off STEM classes, customized for different age/grade levels. Think of it like a punch card.


    Your membership(s) will automatically renew on the specified monthly date(s), using the billing information you provide during initial joining.


    Additionally, Blue Studios offers free members-only special events, and parent workshops which provide guidance around how to STEM-at-home, and further expand a child's love for STEM.

    How much do weekend boot camps cost?

    Members enjoy discounted preferred rates to our weekend boot camps (boot camps cost $65 for non-members and $30 for members), while members at the Premium and Unlimited membership rate can enjoy free weekend boot camps. If you decide to attend a weekend boot camp, it does not count against your number of allotted classes per month.


    Our boot camps provide an opportunity for your child to dig deeper into STEM subjects that they find interesting.

    How do I sign my child up for a class or a weekend boot camp?

    You can find our upcoming classes here and our boot camps here.

    Can I drop off my child for classes and boot camps, or do I have to stay?

    Yes. Our classes and boot camps are designed for parents to drop off their children and pick them up at the designated pick-up time. We do have a few family related activities and events in which parents are required to stay with their children. If this is the case, we will note this in the event requirements and description.

    How do I become a member?

    Select the “Join Now” button in the upper right-hand menu. Once you scroll down, you can view each membership level and select the one that is right for you.


    Follow the prompts, and when you get to the "Create an Account" step, make sure to enter your child's first and last name.


    There is a one time $25 registration fee when you sign up for membership. After the first purchase, you will be charged your normal monthly membership rate.

    I have more than one child. What should I do?

    If you have multiple children, you must create a separate account for each child in your family using a unique email address for each child. Your membership(s) will automatically renew on the specified monthly date(s), using the billing information you provide during initial joining.


    What if I want to go over my monthly classes? Can I just pay for an additional drop-off class?

    Should you reach your maximum number of drop-off classes afforded your membership level during the month, and wish to take additional classes that month, you have the option of upgrading your membership contract/package.


    Drop-off classes are not offered one off at this time.

    Will I be charged another registration fee if I change my membership level?

    Members may change their package level at any time, and will not be charged an additional $25 registration fee.

    Will my un-used classes carry on from month to month?

    Un-used classes from your membership plan do not roll over to your next billing cycle.

    If I book a class can I be kicked out of a class by someone with a higher membership rate?

    If you booked a class before it becomes full, then you are safe. You will not be kicked off of the class by a someone at a higher membership rate.


    The waitlist works in the same way that a standby list works with airlines. If a class is fully booked, and you decide to join the waitlist, that means if someone with a confirmed spot cancels you will be added to the class if you are next in line on the waitlist.


    However, members at the Premium and Unlimited membership level who have been waitlisted for a class are given priority over members at the Starter and Essential level when a spot in a fully booked class becomes open.


    It's the way that we show our appreciation to clients who frequently book classes.

    How do you get to Blue Studios?

    Our address is at 2150 S Canalport Avenue, Chicago, Il 60608 on the 2nd floor. Blue Studios programming is not at the prior Blue 1647 location, as that location is closed down.


    Here are the directions to Blue Studios.